Monday, November 23, 2020

Class tomorrow! Tuesday Nov 24th 8pm Pacific


Next and final November expandance class is tomorrow!

I had a long discussion the other day with a mom who has really been wanting to come to expandance class but has ongoing injuries. I realized that I needed to be a lot clearer about what expandance is and isn't, so here goes:
expandance is:
  • a class you can show up to if you have injuries (yeah, I know, that's pretty rare) - in fact, it's a healing modality, so you may even get some pain relief out of it or even heal the thing in question (No guarantees of course, but I've seen it happen many times)
  • a class you can show up to if you are tired and still get loads out of it
  • a class you can show up to if you have never danced before
expandance isn't:
  • lots of choreography you have to learn
  • lots of time at your screen (less than 15% of class is at your computer, most of it is away from it) 
  • SUPERHIGHENERGY! (unless your body wants it to be that day, in which case, go to town my friend!)

Tuesday November 24th
8pm - 9pm... with a lovely relaxation at the end so you can roll straight into bed. ❤

Donation based and free to BIPOC and undocumented immigrants. 
See you there loves 

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