Sunday, August 4, 2013

Get into the expandance technique; watch your life change.

My greatest lessons from expandance have ultimately been about fearlessness. The meditative technique goes beyond other types of sitting or moving meditation I've practiced. That is, it accesses deep awareness, calm acceptance, and loving-kindness...and also manages to make me feel like a better communicator and more confident in general. This technique has allowed me to give myself permission to take work, at play, and in my relationships with other people.
- Erica Frankel, New York
Working and performing with Rachel Wynne and expandance was an experience that has informed my professional dancing career in ways that I still am discovering. The centering and mindfulness exercises she incorporates into her process have not only become part of my daily warm up routine but also manifest in my daily life in a beautifully subtle way. As a director and choreographer, Rachel has a collaborative and wonderfully open minded and creative approach, trusting in the expandance process to lead us to our movement solutions and vision. As a healing modality, I feel that the expandance technique is wonderful for anyone looking to gain more awareness of their body, move through mental or emotional blocks that may have manifested physically in the body (for example as injuries or chronic conditions) and as a meditation practice. I highly recommend bringing her to your company or studio!  
- Hunt Parr, Dance Artist / Yoga Teacher, New York & Alaska

Dancing with expandance taught me how to listen when I improvise, and thereby connect with my center - the creative, intuitive god-self - through movement. With the help of Rachel’s expandance technique training, I experience deeper, less cerebral impulses and I create dance in the moment that is spontaneous, free and connected. expandance has helped me to take meditation from just formal cushion practice, to the art of movement.
- Matt Cichon, Yoga Teacher / Dancer, New York & Japan
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