Thursday, April 28, 2011

A little light relief from royal weddings...

Happy International Dance Day 2011!

A video from expandance's three founding ladies to you, the four or five people who regularly read this blog :D

Mucho grĂ¡,
Rachel, Alicia and Laurie

More on UNESCO International Dance Day - the wikipedia article is here.

p.s. don't forget! Alicia performs her new solo '12 Steps' at the gorgeous Backstage Theatre in Longford, Ireland today at 4pm as part of LD Dance Fest 2011.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Rock Om teaser is online :)

Check it!  See for yourself how we Rocked SITE Fest 2011.  Thanks to editor virtuoso Lauren Auricchio Rock Om is now online.  Choreographed by Rachel Wynne, with Hunt Edward Parr, Krista Racho-Jansen, Clare Cook, Erica Frankel and Megan Kennedy, if this doesn't get you going, well....

A special shout out to Bushwick Starr Theatre, NYC and Arts in Bushwick, you guys Rock

Stay tuned for the next performance :)

- Alicia

Friday, April 22, 2011

Next performance Friday 29th April

We're delighted to be presenting the next installment of '12 Steps', Alicia's solo about her process in dance-making. This piece has been performed at Riverbank Arts Centre, Kildare and at the George Bernard Shaw Theatre in Carlow, and we're happy to be bringing it to LD Dance Fest at the Backstage Theatre on Friday.

Over the last couple of months we've developed the text and movement of this piece via Skype rehearsals between Alicia (on Donard Mountain in Wicklow) and Rachel (in New York City) and that process alone has been enlightening and hugely beneficial to both of us as dance artists. Come see the result on April 29th, 4pm at the Backstage Theatre, Longford, Ireland.

Please note! LD Dance Fest ALWAYS sells out, so get your tickets in advance. Remember our piece 'Sephiroth / The Forest Piece' for this festival a few years ago? Remember how packed it was? :)

Thanks to Anica Louw at Shawbrook and Fred Walshe for their support of this piece.
Photo credit Mary Hutton.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Thank you Wicklow County Council!

Dear Wicklow County Council,

Thank you for supporting us with a bursary this spring to continue developing our work and our technique. Because of you, we've been able to take on two new and incredibly talented professional dancers - Kathleen Doherty and Ailish Claffey - to engage in studio research with us and on a new project at The Courthouse Arts Centre, in May. By supporting us in this way, you are not only providing the space and time for three professionals to collaborate, develop and expand as artists, you are highlighting the importance of contemporary dance in rural Ireland and enabling dance communities to grow.

You make us feel all warm and fluffy inside.

Alicia, Laurie & Rachel