Tuesday, April 8, 2008

"This is what she sees" / The Window Project

"This is what she sees" (formerly "The Window Project") was premiered as part of Project Brand New in The Project Theatre, Dublin, on 22nd March 08. Described as a piece that 'blew away the cobwebs' by one of the festival's directors, and as a 'breath of fresh air' by audience members, expanDance are planning on bringing this piece to New York in the autumn.

"This is what she sees" was choreographed by Alicia Walshe
Dance - Alicia Walshe and Laurie Schneider
Props - Fred Walshe
Sound effects / soundscape provided by the wee ones: Henry Walshe and Hunter Lily Schneider

Photos courtesy of Julie Locket / Genesis Project Dublin, from a studio rehearsal of the piece.