Friday, August 7, 2015

Last NYC expandance class. Now's the time folks!

Super excited to announce a 2.5 hour expandance workshop in NYC this August. This is the last one I'll be teaching before leaving New York. 

Date: Sunday August 16th 
Time: 2.30 - 5pm 
Please aim to arrive early. Late comers will not be admitted. 
Investment: $25 in advance / $30 on the door - space is limited; I highly recommend reserving your spot in advance
Location: Ripley Grier, 520 8th Avenue, New York 
Studio 17B
520 8th Avenue (between 36th & 37th Streets)
Nearest trains: Penn Station 

Pay in advance here.

Questions? E-mail me!

No experience required! Just show up. The biggest thing you can ever do for yourself is show up.

Each expandance class consists of a combination of any of the following: group warm-ups (may include yoga-inspired combinations), dance exercises, meditation, drawing, visualization, games (may include circus / clown games), tools for choreography and performance skills, vocalizing, massage, stretching with a partner, dancing to music, dancing in silence, and group discussion and analysis of what we've observed or learned. Think of it like a group meditation experience (I sometimes call expandance ''Meditation for People who Can't Sit Still") - we move without judgement, without internal editing, to dance the dance that our body already wants to dance, choreographing from the inside out.

See you there!