Monday, May 10, 2021

Barely A Person gets positive reviews

 Hi friends,

My dance film giving voice to postpartum depression went live as part of the ''In Their Own Voice" online festival this weekend.

Here's what people are saying about “Barely A Person”:

“ Phenomenal”

“ It had me in tears”

“ A very powerful piece... it’s still giving me goosebumps”

"Holy f***"

"You danced the essence of PPD...If anyone doesn’t know what PPD is like, your performance is an education"

"It was beautiful & powerful"

"what you bit off is big, but well chewed in the short piece you crafted:  the soundscape enhanced the visual unfolding, the dance and camerawork were thoughtfully paired, the script was well-honed, and shone light on a difficult shadow-side of giving birth that is too often treated as an anomaly, personal shortcoming, or shame-laden secret"

We had a talkback on Saturday after the first performance, you can watch it on the Cloverdale Performing Arts Center YouTube page here! (Starts around 3 minutes in)

If you'd like to see it, and support local art, there are 4 more chances to see Barely A Person next weekend May 14 / 15 / 16 alongside some other female-written and performed works; tickets are available here. 

- Rachel

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Press for "In Their Own Voice" this week

White woman lying in fetal position on a concrete floor wearing black jeans and green top, image looks down

Hi everyone,

I'm delighted to let you know we're in the Press Democrat this week and also The Bohemian

The piece I've been working on, "Barely A Person'', giving a voice to post partum depression, is being shown as part of "In Their Own Voice" - a virtual festival about what happens when you let a woman speak.


May 8th / 9th / 15th / 16th @ 2pm
May 8th / 14th / 15th @ 8:30pm

$25/general tickets $12/student
Prices are per household

"In Their Own Voice" is an hour and 10-minute online theater festival composed of 5 short plays/performance pieces written by the performers. 

This sometimes intense, sometimes funny, always touching festival delves beneath the surface of what society thinks a woman should be and looks at individuals to hear the stories of who they actually are. Featuring an all Femme/Female-identifying/Non-binary group of Sonoma County artists from multiple ethnicities, races, sexualities, and ages this festival is a true community event that seeks to give all those who identify as women a voice.

Please note that this festival aims to give a voice to all aspects of what "Womanhood/Femme/Female-identifying" is.*  

*As such, there are adult situations and adult language used along with some triggering subjects. Viewer discretion is advised and the advisable age is 13+ with adult supervision.

Tickets available at

After you buy a ticket, you’ll receive an email with a link for the performance of the time and date you chose. Click on the big blue button link in the email to watch the show. Or go to and use the access code provided in the email.

This festival is a co-production between Heroines, Harpies, and Harlots Theatre and Cloverdale Performing Arts Center.

Friday, April 23, 2021

Meeting the silence, and creativity

 Hi everyone!

Yesterday I listened to a lovely episode of ''Hunting for Healers'' hosted by Frank Vogt. He's been doing this podcast for a while now and I admit that, what with having a 3 year old who is almost always talking or wanting something, this is the first once I've listened to the whole way through. 

Among all that Brother Richard talks about (faerie encounters, spirituality, Irish folk healing etc) one bit that has stuck with me strongly over the last day or so was when he spoke about creativity. How we are always creating - our lives, our communities, our art. And how meeting the silence - that still place inside of us - can be so uncomfortable but how when we do, we can hear that divine creativity. This is the idea expandance is based on, this has been my practice for many years, and it's interesting to hear it spoken about from someone with such a different background (he is a Franciscan monk).

Here's the link to the episode on Spotify

And for those who prefer; YouTube.

Thursday, April 1, 2021

We did it!



Filming is done, and editing begins 

Hello lovely!

I'm delighted to announce that we wrapped filming of ''Barely a Person'', my dance theatre piece giving voice to Postpartum depression, this past weekend. On our (covid safe) set were myself, Jess Headington (director), Sean Pettis (filmmaker) and Dana Hunt (lights, B camera). I was relieved that, what with it being a personal, vulnerable and emotionally taxing piece to dance, I had such a supportive group to work with. It made a huge difference. 

THANK YOU so much to all of you who contributed your voices to this work. We ended up with several mother's voices from 4 different countries making up the soundtrack. 

We head into editing now and the film will be available in May. More details then! 

Here are some shots of our shoot, from Jess and I. 


Register for CLASS

Do you have a friend who'd like to try expandance

Bring them to class this month and they get their first class FREE!

Starting Tomorrow Fri April 2nd
9:30am - 10:30am Pacific (5:30pm Ireland and UK)

*** Remember to register for each class! Registering will get you an e-mail with the zoom link ***

For expandance classes, you'll need:

* Something to draw / write with / on
* A couple of cushions and a blanket for relaxation at the end

Please note: These 1 hour classes are sliding scale $10 - $25. Anything you give above $20 will help pay for someone else who can't afford that much, or for BIPOC and immigrants, who are welcome to come for free. Thank you. 

See you there!

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Happy St. Patrick's Day

and news on the new piece!

Happy day of celebrating Ireland!

I'm realizing that a lot of Americans don't actually know that St. Patrick's Day is a proper holiday in Ireland - it is! It's not so much (these days) a time to celebrate St. Patrick (though I know some more religious folk still do) - rather, for my and younger generations, it's a day to celebrate our culture, and the resilience of the Irish spirit, through 800 years of repression, famine, and the legacy of trauma the church has left. In Ireland (when there isn't a pandemic) we celebrate with a week long family friendly festival of art, music, theatre and culture, as well as parades with gorgeous floats and costumes. 

I hope you all have a beautiful day and celebrate it the way we do in in Ireland - not just with drink ! - but with music, dance, art, poetry and love for each other. 

Here’s one of Ireland’s current rising stars, Tol├╝ Makay with a beautiful cover of a Saw Doctors song about an Irish emigrant. They released it at Christmas and every time I watch it I’m in tears again.

I'll most likely use some Irish music in Friday's class ;-) 

Register now!

Friday 9:30am - 10:30am Pacific time 
Sliding scale $10-$25 



New work!

I'm currently in the studio at night working on my current performance piece. It's a piece giving voice to postpartum depression and hearing from those who've gone through it and come out the other side. 

I am feeling really grateful to be working with some incredible people on this project, and I am looking forward to sharing it with you all. It'll be broadcast online as part of ''Heroines, Harpies and Harlots'' - a woman's theatre festival produced by Beulah Vega in conjunction with Cloverdale Performing Arts Center, here in NorCal. 

Barely A Person

Directed by: Jess Headington
Soundtrack and composition: Laura LAIR (Ireland)
Choreography and movement: Rachel Wynne
Lighting and location: Dana Hunt 
Film and editing: Sean Pettis 

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Your voice is needed!

Two trees and a big cloud in the sky

Hi friends,

I'm creating a solo dance theatre piece for a women's theatre festival in April. It'll be performed virtually at the end of April.

I'm exploring post-partum depression through this piece - not just my own but I also want to hear from other mums around the world who have experienced PPD. Part of the ''soundtrack'' to this piece will be moms voices sharing their experiences - mostly short snippets.

If you or someone you know experienced PPD (or PP anxiety, or PP rage) and feel secure and safe enough in yourself at this stage to share a little in an audio file, I would be grateful for just two minutes of your time answering a couple of questions on a voice memo that can be used in the soundtrack. All you need to do is talk into your phone.

The intention with this piece is to highlight a part of early motherhood that is not talked about enough, and is often (in my opinion) the direct result of us all living in a white supremacist, individualistic patriarchy. To that end I want to make sure I amplify BIPOC voices - please let me know how you identify when you send me your mp3 / mp4 file. Answers do not need to be in English.

All the voices on the track would be listed as anonymous, so you can be as real and honest as you want. (Swearing / random noises are ok - whatever comes out). We may not use snippets from all files we receive, (for example, if there's too much background noise or we just receive a lot) but hope to use as many as possible to give voice to this.

Thank you, dear ones, for helping me create this pretty vulnerable piece of art. Thank you for sharing with friends.

If you are interested:

* Please record yourself on your phone or computer - you can use the ''voice memo'' app, or just video the floor while you answer and I can extract the audio
* Answer any or all of the questions you feel you can
* e-mail mp3 or mp4 file to me at, letting me know how you identify
* it would help the sound engineer if everything ended up being less than 2 minutes total
We are looking to collect all these voices by the end of this week Sunday March 7th 2021

Thank you, so much,

The questions:
(If you're currently experiencing PPD, feel free to answer in the present tense)

1. If you remember it, what was your lowest point? 
"My lowest point was..." 

2. If your thoughts had a voice back then what were they saying? 
"My thoughts were / are saying..."

3. How did you feel about those thoughts?

4. What were the main, overriding feelings during the first year or two of parenthood for you?

5. If there was something that ultimately got you through / helped you, what was it? 

"What turned things around for me was..."or "What has helped me is..."

Monday, December 28, 2020

They're back! January expandance Fridays start again on the 8th.

"What I liked about expandance class is that it is a little bit of yoga, a little bit of mindfulness meditation, a little bit of drawing, and a lot of free style dancing. It even draws in Somatic Experiencing moves that focus on resourcing like using imagery and "dancing how you would like to dance". The amazing part is that no matter how complex and knee-deep in strategies that the expandance approach is, the experience for the participant is super simple and effortless. The feeling of joy and ease that I gleaned during the class followed me throughout the day." 

Felicia Darling, PhD

Hi everyone!

We're back with expandance Fridays

January 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th

9:30am - 10:30am Pacific / 5:30pm UK and Ireland 

Register here

Sliding scale donation: $5 - $25

Donate PayPal here or Venmo: expandance 


Thursday, December 3, 2020

December class, gratitude, and connection.


Let's connect and get warm this Decembrrrrrrr...

Happy Holidays, Blessed Solstice, Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy Kwanzaa!

Thank you so much for supporting expandanceduring a year that was so difficult for so many of us. The theatre I work at has been dark since March, the studios I teach in closed, so teaching expandance for you all has been my primary creative focus and outlet. You showing up to class has helped me continue to be ''dancer Rachel'', when it felt like 36 years of commitment to dance was all suddenly for naught, so thank you. It has also helped me remain connected to my body, to my practice, and to you, my community. Even though I didn't get to choreograph the planned 2020 spring season this year, or teach Danceypants, I've taught more expandance classes than in any of the other 15 years of expandance prior. 

Now it's the holiday season, and even though this one is different than most, to say the least - one thing that stays important is connection. Connection with family and friends may be limited to Zoom calls for many of us, but connection within is always available, whenever we choose to take the time and listen. I hope you will continue to join me in class to connect within, move, stretch, create, release and restore, and connect with your #globalexpandancefamily! 

This month I am offering two donation based classes, and one extended workshop in which the extra time will give us an opportunity to go even deeper. Put these three classes in your calendar now! And remember to register for each class, so I have an idea of how best to tailor the class for YOU! And donate, because that's just nice. 

Friday December 11th
9:30am Pacific (5:30pm Ireland)

Friday December 18th
9:30am Pacific (5:30pm Ireland)

Both Friday classes this month are 1 hour and donation based ($5 - $25 suggested)

Saturday December 26th 
10am Pacific (6pm Ireland) 

Saturday 26th workshop is 1.5 hours and is a sliding scale of $15-$25 - please pay in advance 

* You must register for class to get the Zoom link. It takes 10 seconds - you'll just be asked to write in your name and e-mail address *

*** No dance experience required ***

You don't need much room to move, and you can come with body ''stuff'' / injuries / pregnant / tired etc. Everything is welcome. I have over a decade of facilitation experience and 20 years teaching dance under my belt. 

Donations and payments to:

Venmo / CashApp expandance
Thank you 

Friday classes are FREE for BIPOC and undocumented immigrants, regardless of what country you're currently in, and workshops are sliding scale.

Sign up now!
REGISTER for Fri 11th
REGISTER for Fri 18th
REGISTER for Sat 26th 

Monday, November 23, 2020

Class tomorrow! Tuesday Nov 24th 8pm Pacific


Next and final November expandance class is tomorrow!

I had a long discussion the other day with a mom who has really been wanting to come to expandance class but has ongoing injuries. I realized that I needed to be a lot clearer about what expandance is and isn't, so here goes:
expandance is:
  • a class you can show up to if you have injuries (yeah, I know, that's pretty rare) - in fact, it's a healing modality, so you may even get some pain relief out of it or even heal the thing in question (No guarantees of course, but I've seen it happen many times)
  • a class you can show up to if you are tired and still get loads out of it
  • a class you can show up to if you have never danced before
expandance isn't:
  • lots of choreography you have to learn
  • lots of time at your screen (less than 15% of class is at your computer, most of it is away from it) 
  • SUPERHIGHENERGY! (unless your body wants it to be that day, in which case, go to town my friend!)

Tuesday November 24th
8pm - 9pm... with a lovely relaxation at the end so you can roll straight into bed. ❤

Donation based and free to BIPOC and undocumented immigrants. 
See you there loves