Monday, May 10, 2021

Barely A Person gets positive reviews

 Hi friends,

My dance film giving voice to postpartum depression went live as part of the ''In Their Own Voice" online festival this weekend.

Here's what people are saying about “Barely A Person”:

“ Phenomenal”

“ It had me in tears”

“ A very powerful piece... it’s still giving me goosebumps”

"Holy f***"

"You danced the essence of PPD...If anyone doesn’t know what PPD is like, your performance is an education"

"It was beautiful & powerful"

"what you bit off is big, but well chewed in the short piece you crafted:  the soundscape enhanced the visual unfolding, the dance and camerawork were thoughtfully paired, the script was well-honed, and shone light on a difficult shadow-side of giving birth that is too often treated as an anomaly, personal shortcoming, or shame-laden secret"

We had a talkback on Saturday after the first performance, you can watch it on the Cloverdale Performing Arts Center YouTube page here! (Starts around 3 minutes in)

If you'd like to see it, and support local art, there are 4 more chances to see Barely A Person next weekend May 14 / 15 / 16 alongside some other female-written and performed works; tickets are available here. 

- Rachel

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