Friday, April 23, 2021

Meeting the silence, and creativity

 Hi everyone!

Yesterday I listened to a lovely episode of ''Hunting for Healers'' hosted by Frank Vogt. He's been doing this podcast for a while now and I admit that, what with having a 3 year old who is almost always talking or wanting something, this is the first once I've listened to the whole way through. 

Among all that Brother Richard talks about (faerie encounters, spirituality, Irish folk healing etc) one bit that has stuck with me strongly over the last day or so was when he spoke about creativity. How we are always creating - our lives, our communities, our art. And how meeting the silence - that still place inside of us - can be so uncomfortable but how when we do, we can hear that divine creativity. This is the idea expandance is based on, this has been my practice for many years, and it's interesting to hear it spoken about from someone with such a different background (he is a Franciscan monk).

Here's the link to the episode on Spotify

And for those who prefer; YouTube.

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